Muddart Studios

Creating nature-inspired functional and decorative ceramics for everyday use.

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Confessions of a Barefoot Shoemaker

"You're the shoemaker with no shoes!" - My Mom. It's been just over a year since I got this domain, and put together a basic "placeholder" website. It's been a fun and adventurous year! I've worked on several online store projects for artist friends, as well building a nonprofit site from the ground up.  I have several other projects ready to start soon.  All for causes or people I really believe in.  It has been a professionally rewarding and  delightful year!

Picture of a computer on potters wheel - Artists Need Tech

Art meets Tech

Today’s artists and creatives need good tech. In addition to my studio work, I’m also a website freelancer. I help artists, nonprofits, and small businesses find the most cost-effective methods to promote and manage their business or organization online.

About Me

Margaret McNett Burruss, owner Muddart Studios

I am a self-taught potter who’s been potting most of my life. In 2017, I reestablished my studio after nearly 20 years without a home for it.

I’m inspired by the natural world around me – the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia out my window, the tall oaks and maples in my yard, the forest ferns and sage leaves in my garden.

I offer a sampling of my works here. Life gets busy at times, but clay is the love to which I always return. Enjoy.