Muddart Studios

Creating nature-inspired functional and decorative ceramics for everyday use.

  • river water over rocks

Between Freedom and Responsibility

Why do we associate irresponsibility with creativity? Is there any merit to this association? Or are we devaluing something vitally important? These questions are ones I ask myself a lot. My masters degree research was related to these questions, but these are not just research questions, they are life questions.

Work in Progress

Art is still long, and life is no less fleeting. My husband and I have come through a long difficult journey in the last few years. We cared for his parents and my dad in hospice, lost them along with another beloved family member who passed unexpectedly. And in the midst of our losses, we also moved from our home of 11 years for me, and 30+ years for Craig. It has been a good move, but change nonetheless, and change takes adjustment.

  • testing glazes

Reflections for the New Year: “Art is Long”

"Art is long, time is fleeting." (Longfellow) "Life is short, and art long, opportunity fleeting, experimentations perilous,and judgment difficult." (Hippocrates) - Art takes a lot of time, and furthermore, it is important despite what society tells us.

Picture of a computer on potters wheel - Artists Need Tech

Art meets Tech

Today’s artists and creatives need good tech. In addition to my studio work, I’m also a website freelancer. I help artists, nonprofits, and small businesses find the most cost-effective methods to promote and manage their business or organization online.

About Me

Margaret McNett Burruss, owner Muddart Studios

I am a self-taught potter who’s been potting most of my life. In 2017, I reestablished my studio after nearly 20 years without a home for it.

I’m inspired by the natural world around me – the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia out my window, the tall oaks and maples in my yard, the forest ferns and sage leaves in my garden.

I offer a sampling of my works here. Life gets busy at times, but clay is the love to which I always return. Enjoy.