Nearly two years ago now, I left my job in the nonprofit sector. When I left, I was unwell, and had been unwell for months. As I slowly regained my health, I began to consider what kind of life I wanted. I knew art must be a part of it. I knew time for reflection and writing had to be a part, even if I was “just” writing in my journal.

However, I had been living in the whirlwind of the all-consuming mission of the non-profit sector for so long that I had difficulty imagining work that would leave enough mental and emotional energy for my creative self to thrive.

But I did imagine it (that’s what the creative self does after all). And now I find myself in a place of figuring it out, of exploring how to live as my most authentic self, of learning how to live a professional life that also honors the creative life. It’s a bit scary and challenging, and at times I’m still unsure if I can build something sustainable, but I’m carving out this new life for myself, and I’m finding it is well worth it.